Detecting metal is more than just a hobby for Norm. He's more of an enthusiast. His life has been dedicated to the craft. We find him in the routine of life, an average day. But his day quickly changes when he is put in the position to be a hero.


In 1851, a Mexican American woman dared to defy the conventions of a small mining town by stabbing a white man in self defense and in the process became a legend.


Gus Plus Us is an independent children's entertainment show created by married couple Nick and Christina Caster. We invite you to get lost in the world of Gus and his simple, lovable charm as he embarks on imaginative adventures with his zany, faithful sidekick, Karrot. Together they learn about the elementary mysteries of life with their tender, whimsical, friend Lucy as their guide.


June 17th is a short film about Napoleon Bonaparte’s internal struggle the night before the epic battle of Waterloo.


Charlie wakes up in a field the morning after a wedding in the foreign (to him) state of Arizona. Will he find his way home or will he perish? Oh, and what happened to that girl he was hitting it off with?


Music Video